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About Pi Lam

The Massachusetts Theta chapter of Pi Lambda Phi was founded in 1897 and continues to hold a strong presence at the Institute today. As the first non-sectarian fraternity, Pi Lambda Phi welcomes all men of all creeds. Brothers pursue academics, extra-curricular, and social life with vigor, and we take pride in the strength of our brotherhood.

Instead of recruiting people who fit a particular archetype, we're looking for exciting guys who bring something new to our house dynamic. We're a group of brothers who, different though we may be, are striving together to be more and developing bonds that last a lifetime.


We are located a short, 10 minute walk from main MIT campus.

Rush 2014

Need a ride? Call 401.AT.PILAM

  • Saturday Aug 30
    12:30PMPaint War
    1:30PMDry Ice Drinks
    1:30-5PMHouse BBQ
    7PMSteak & Lobster
    9-11PMPoker Tourney
    11PMSmoothies & Sundaes
  • Sunday Aug 31
    9:30AMPlanet of Crepes
    1-4PMGame Show
    7PMPie Lamb Dinner
  • Monday Sept 1
    10AMDim Sum
    1PMRock Climbing
    7PMDIY Sushi Dinner
    11PMSmoothies & Sundaes
  • Tuesday Sept 2
    9:30AMBeach Trip
    7PMChinatown Dinner
    11PMSmoothies & Sundaes
  • Wednesday Sept 3
    7-9PMExotic Meat Tasting
    9PMBoston Bowl
    11PMSmoothies & Sundaes
  • Thursday Sept 4
    5:30PMHouse Dinner
    7PMIndoor Skydiving (Invite Only)
    11PMSmoothies & Sundaes
  • Friday Sept 5
    9PMBid Dinner w/ Alumni
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